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Wedo as Finland Travel Bureau’s development partner

”Wedo Consulting has been our development partner and helped us to plan and co-ordinate several projects between 2002 and 2006. Wedo’s consultants have a strong knowledge-base and contact-network in our industry, especially regarding business travel stakeholders’ processes, IT-systems and our development needs related to these processes and systems.” says Finland Travel Bureau’s Thomas Tiainen.

Finland Travel Bureau used Wedo to plan and co-ordinate different analysis-, definition- and tender- projects. “Wedo’s professionals have carried out these projects systematically and in a way that allowed our own key resources time and contribution to the projects to be extracted efficiently. Also the preparation, co-ordination and documentation of all project meetings were Wedo’s responsibility. Wedo's consultants brought with them a tangible feeling that the project results would be achieved on time.” continues Thomas Tiainen.

According to Wedo's Jussi Varis and Toni Pieskä: “In each project we have quickly established a good rapport and working atmosphere with FTB’s key personnel. That’s the main reason that the projects advanced efficiently and we also had fun while working.”

Wedo has accumulated industry specific know-how about both processes and systems by working together with travel agencies, travel service providers, travel solution companies, corporate customers and payment solution providers for a long time.

Toni Pieskä made the following observation, which explains Wedo's success in working with the business travel stakeholders between 2002 and 2007. “The travel industry has been experiencing strong turbulence over the last six years. During this time we have been identifying and establishing new solutions that could connect different stakeholders and thus we were able to improve their operations.”
Thomas Tiainen, Director of Finance, IT and support services




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